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6 Points to Keep in Mind When Buying an Oxygen Concentrator


Oxygen concentrators are in high demand across the world. They help people who need supplemental oxygen for oxygen therapy or any other disease. If you also need one and want to buy one, stay with this buying guide. It will help you pick the best oxygen concentrator.

Furthermore, oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, or tanks work the same way. They take air from the environment and separate oxygen by removing unwanted gases. Then, the concentrated oxygen goes through a pipe that a patient can inhale. One of the notable advantages of using a concentrator is they are portable and can be used 24/7. If you need to buy the device, you can search for an oxygen supply near me and find a medical equipment supplier. A medical supplier will help you with all kinds of medical supplies.

Many people are not aware of the facts, when it comes to buying an oxygen concentrator. For this reason, below, we have included some crucial points to remember when purchasing this device. Let’s have a look at them.

Point 1

Before you buy an oxygen concentrator, you need to know who will use it and when. If someone in your family is experiencing breathing shortness due to Covid-19 or any other reason, they can use an oxygen concentrator. Usually, the human body needs 21% of oxygen concentration. But during Covid, people were required to use more than 90% concentrated oxygen. Moreover, make sure the oxygen device you are buying can provide the amount of oxygen you need. In addition, if you are searching for catheter suppliers near me, a medical supplier will help.

Point 2

If someone needs supplement oxygen in your family, you need to check the oxygen level. If it goes below 90%, then an oxygen concentrator may not help. In that case, you need to visit a hospital. You should go to a hospital because most oxygen concentrators only provide 5-10 liters of oxygen per minute.

Point 3

Do you know the types of concentrators? Well, two kinds of oxygen concentrators are available. If you need one to treat a patient at home, you can buy a home oxygen concentrator. This device is big and can give more oxygen supply. The weight of this oxygen concentrator is around 15 kgs, and it needs direct power to work. You should not buy anything lighter than this if you want to buy a quality product. You can look for an oxygen supply near me to all types of concentrators.

Point 4

If the patient needs to go from one place to another, a portable oxygen concentrator is the best. You can buy this oxygen concentrator from a medical supplier. Most importantly, many medical equipment suppliers allow you to rent the device. After all, portable devices are made in a way so that you can carry them easily. You can run them without direct power. Also, you can charge them like smartphones. Remember that you will only get a limited oxygen supply as they are a temporary solution. Search for an oxygen supply near me to buy the best concentrator.

Point 5

When buying an oxygen concentrator, you should check the capacity of the device. Most concentrators come in two sizes: 5L and 10L. This means that a concentrator with a 5L capacity can provide 5 liters of oxygen in a minute. On the other hand, a device with a 10L capacity will give 10L oxygen in a minute. While having a 5L concentrator is suitable for the people who want minimum capacity, it is recommended to go for the 10L size. Search for an oxygen supply near me to buy the right product for you.

Point 6

One of the essential things a buyer needs to know is that all oxygen concentrators don’t come with the same concentration level. Some concentrators come with 87% oxygen; on the other hand, others come with up to 93 % concentrator. So, it is a crucial point to consider when buying a device. When you visit a medical supplier searching for an oxygen supply near me, make sure you buy a suitable device.

That’s all you need to know about buying an oxygen concentrator. Consult your doctor before purchasing any medical device. You can’t buy one; you can rent that device from a medical supplier.


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