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 5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Offsite Document Storage Company


When managing your company’s documents, you have a few options. You can keep them on-site in a physical filing system or move them offsite to an external storage facility. If you’re considering the latter option, you should ask a few critical questions before making your decision on choosing file storage solutions in Los Angeles.

What Are The Safety Measures Taken To Protect My Stored Documents?

This question is essential because it will tell you what level of security they will protect your documents with. Good facilities will have fireproof storage, security guards, alarms, and cameras. Most facilities should also allow you to visit whenever you want to see where your documents are being stored and how they’re being protected.

How Long Will It Take To Retrieve My Information From Storage?

After selecting a document storage service, you need to ask how long it will take to retrieve my files? If your information is needed within 24 hours, you and your company should know how much time is required to get it back.

This answer also depends on the size of the facility for off site document storage in Los Angeles because companies with multiple locations or more extensive facilities may require more time. If an offsite document storage company has multiple locations, they may be able to retrieve your files faster than if their facility is smaller.

What Can I Expect To Pay Per Box For Storage?

Your goal should be to keep costs per box as low as possible. A typical price for offsite storage can be around $75- $200, depending on the company and location. These prices can appear to be high at first glance.

But remember that this fee covers the cost of storing your records, providing access to those records if you need them, and securing destruction when you don’t. If an offsite storage provider quotes a rate outside that range, you should ask “why?” before signing a contract.

Is There a Fee for Picking Up and Dropping Off the Materials?

If you’re considering file storage solutions in Los Angeles, ask if there is a fee for picking up and dropping off your materials. Some storage companies charge for these services, while others offer them free. It’s also important to ask how their costs are calculated and whether fees vary depending on the number of boxes stored. After all, 100 boxes will likely require more space than 10, so it makes sense that storing more would cost more.  

Will They Handle Other Document Needs, Like Document Shredding?

 In addition to document storage, your records management company should provide other related services. These include document shredding. Regularly shredding documents that you no longer need dramatically reduces the risk of your information falling into the wrong hands and frees up space within your office.

Since many businesses are going paperless or increasing their amount of digitized files, they scan and index their documents so you can easily retrieve them electronically for a smooth transition.

The Bottom Line

You now understand the benefits of using offsite document storage in Los Angeles for your business’s records management. These companies can help you save space, increase efficiency, and have peace of mind knowing that your documents are adequately managed by a professional team specialising in this area.


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