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5 Helpful Tips You Can Follow While Buying Equipment for the Spa


Running and managing the various aspects of a medical spa requires a great deal of patience and experience. At the same time, you will also need a wide variety of specialized equipment like a massage table, facial steam machine, towel warmers, and a lot more. Each piece of equipment serves a specific purpose and plays a crucial role in day-to-day operations. Focusing on the comfort and satisfaction of your patients, you must constantly update the facilities.

Irrespective of the size and scale of your operations, it makes sense to buy a premium quality medical spa chair. However, with so many options available in the market, it becomes difficult to make the right choice. When it comes to the point of decision-making, you must start by doing some research.

In the initial stages, you will face the challenges of how and what to buy. Nevertheless, you have to address the needs and preferences of your clients. So, the best you can do is to shop according to the individual needs. Since there is so much to decide on, here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

  1. Decide on the area and scope of Service: It helps if you make it a point to invest in a quality medical chair that can be further used for multiple tasks like skincare and medical treatment. The medical chair you choose must be packed with features like hydraulic motors and adjustable seating, which further enhances the comfort of your treating clients. Having a clear idea of what you want to do makes it easy for you to select the treatment chair of your choice.
  2. Comfort and accessibility: The medical chair will be utilized to provide a multitude of services. As such, to improve the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of your medical Spa, you must consider getting a chair that blends well with the interiors. For the clients, comfort and accessibility is something that matters a lot. Moreover, the chair should be durable and made out of high-quality materials.

For instance, you should check Alva Beauty’s very own ALVA Sonata – a lightweight platform loaded with a wide array of features like four motor functions for maximum flexibility for optimal patient positioning. The chair is well designed and seems like an ideal choice for spas and medical aesthetic practices.

  1. Exceed the client’s expectations: While the material and design of the medical chair are crucial, it should further accommodate the client’s physique. For greater comfort and convenience, the chair should have adjustable armrest leg and reclining features, which will enable your clients to sit in the same position without having to endure any fatigue.
  2. Budget assessment & financing: Once you have selected the medical spa chair, it then comes down to the point of assessing the price. Because equipment prices for the likes of dermatology procedure chairs are offered in different ranges (low to high), in a way, it all comes down to your need and preferences.

If you are short in terms of funds, it doesn’t mean opting for a subpar treatment chair. On the contrary, you must look for alternatives. For instance, online vendors like Alva Beauty also offer in-house competitive financing, which can make a massive difference to your situation.

  1. Equipment warranty is a must: Spa medical equipment will cost you a lot in terms of money. Because it is a considerable investment, you must have some degree of protection in a warranty form. Hence, it would be best if you looked forward to buying top-quality products from the leading manufacturers. Almost all the items you purchase from Alva Beauty come standard with a one-year warranty that is sufficient to give you the desired peace of mind.

In Conclusion 

The fact that you are investing in a medical spa chair is a huge step in the right direction. It helps if you insist on buying top-quality products from the leading manufacturers. While it can be somewhat complicated to make the correct choice, you will find a way out by following the tips mentioned above. Rather than wasting money on buying the wrong products, you must focus on selecting items designed to live up to your expectations.



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