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5 Best Foods for Recovery and Sober Living


If you are choosing sober living in Massachusetts, there are many things that you will have to consider. This is a whole new start to things. Once you have chosen a sober living house in Methuen, MA, you will have many new goals and even stresses. One thing that you may not have considered is your diet.


It would be easy to fall into the trap of over indulging in sweets and foods chocked full of calories but low on nutrition. After all, everyone loves to splurge on a little junk food, right?

The problem with splurging on junk food when you are in recovery is that you are really just trading one problem for another. On top of that, recovery is a healing process. To heal correctly, your body needs the right kind of nourishment.

In fact, did you know that there are certain foods that can even support your recovery? That’s right! Some of the super foods not only give you amazing nutritional value but they can also help your body and mind during the recovery process.

Here are some foods that you can use to enhance your recovery today!

Sesame Seeds

Using drugs or alcohol makes it very difficult if not possible for your body to correctly process tyrosine. Tyrosine is an amino acid that supports cognitive performance. It helps to create neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, which are what help you stay mentally clear and have a strong sense of well-being. Foods such as sesame seeds, cheese and soybeans are a good source of tyrosine, as are most fish and poultry. Sesame seeds in particular are rich in tyrosine, but they also have the benefits of other amino acids, protein and vitamins which can help control blood sugar, ease arthritis pain and help to lower cholesterol.


Alcohol and drugs really take a toll on your liver by asking it to process more toxins than it really should have to. Tofu is unique, because while it will activate liver function like any protein will, because there is no fat in tofu, the liver does not produce bile while it breaks down the protein. This allows the liver to start to heal itself. Tofu can be eaten raw, cooked or added to your favorite dish. Tofu is also often used as a replacement for meat in recipes.


Tryptophan, like tyrosine, is an amino acid that is no longer processed correctly when you are using drugs or alcohol. Tryptophan is needed to create serotonin, which helps you to sleep well. Bananas also provide your body with necessary vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. Bananas are most often eaten raw, but they can be added to cereal, smoothies and baked goods as well.


Yogurt seems to be one of those foods that everyone either loves or hates, but it is definitely worth adding into your diet based on the nutritional value that you get out of it. It is absolutely packed with probiotics, which will really help your digestive system. Alcohol and opiates wreak havoc on the digestive system, so snacks of yogurt are a great way to start to build it back up again. If you don’t like plain yogurt, try a flavored kind or add fruit or nuts as a topic. Another good way to get yogurt into your diet is to use it as a substitute for sour cream.


Drug and alcohol addiction leave your body ravaged by toxins and free radicals. The best way to combat these is with antioxidants, and blueberries are well known for having them! Blueberries are a superfood because they have so much nutritional value. Blueberries also contain phytoflavinoids, are high in potassium and in vitamin C. Like most fruit, blueberries are great to eat as they are, but they can also be easily used in syrups, desserts and baked goods.

Sober Living in Massachusetts


Sober living is all about living your best possible life and taking good care of yourself. As much as you may be concerned about what not to put into your body, you need to be concerned about what you should put into it as well.


Much like a good diet supports your body, a sober living house in Methuen, MA, such as Sober House, Inc. can support your new healthy lifestyle! Sober House, Inc. provides sober living in Massachusetts in a safe and judgment-free environment surrounded by a professional staff certified by the Bureau of Substance Abuse.

Sober Living House in Methuen, MA

If you are looking for a sober living house in Methuen, MA, please visit the Sober House, Inc. website for more information on sober living in Massachusetts as well as program details.


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