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3D Tours are Reinventing Real Estate Marketing


A few years ago, when you wanted to find your dream home, you would look in the newspapers or on websites for some ads. Then you would jot down the address and would physically go to the location. Today technology has changed the way we search for houses. You may search for something as simple as a 3D apartment tour Matterport in Stockton, CA, or a 3D Matterport home tour in Stockton, CA, and you can get a tour of an apartment in Stockton while sitting in New York City. 3D tours can give you a very visual and real idea of a property, with its real-time shape and size and a perfect 360° vision. But how can you make use of this technology as a seller? Is it worth diving into? How does it give you an edge over the conventional methods? Let’s answer all these questions.

  • How can you use 3D tours tosell your property better? A simple text description of the property is not enough. It is a proven fact that humans react more to visuals. So, including a picture or a video of the property is a good idea. But even then, a buyer might not be content. After all, he or she is unable to assess the size of the property properly. 3D tours come in handy in these situations. With 3D tours, you can correctly perceive the size. Someone living in Dallas can take a tour of an apartment in Denver and see what it is like to reside there


  • How does a 3D tour give you an edge over conventional methods? Let’s say a person is living in Melbourne, Australia. He is planning to move to Stockton, California. He can search for 3D apartment tour Matterport in Stockton, CA or 3D Matterport home tour in Stockton, CA, on Google and see how a property looks with the help of 3D technology. Whether it is habitable or not (something a picture or a video might not be able to provide to the buyer) and then make an informed decision. A 3D tour is a much better option for him than seeing a static listing or making a trip to see the property and then coming to a conclusion. Hence with 3D tours, you reach a wider array of potential buyers.


  • Is 3D technology a viable option? Well, that depends. If you have a high-end house you are looking to sell, you should hire a marketing agency. They will take care of the whole process, and you have to sit back and pay them a somewhat big sum of money. If your property is low-cost and you have no idea how this technology works, you can search for a freelancer. You will find several professionals on the internet with extensive knowledge in this field. With them, you will have full autonomy in the whole process. Also, they will cost you less than hiring an entire dedicated agency.


  • Is this technology worth investing in? Definitely, 3D tours hit their peak during the pandemic, when everyone was afraid of leaving their homes. In the digital era, when everyone buys everything digitally, it is no surprise that in the coming years, people are going to buy properties with online tools as well. No one will make long trips to check out a property, only to realize that it is not what they are looking for. They are going to assess the property online with texts, pictures, videos, and reviews. But property is a big and costly purchase. So, an image or a video won’t suffice to satisfy a buyer. Here, 3D tools are going to be the answer to the problem. A simple search query like 3D apartment tour Matterport in Stockton, CA or 3D Matterport home tour in Stockton, CA will show them all the available houses in the Stockton region. They will take a tour and then make a decision.

With technological inventions, the real estate market has to adapt to this new feature as soon as possible. Why? Because it is benefitting both the seller and the buyer. A seller is reaching out to buyers worldwide, saving money on the commission of real estate agencies, and has full autonomy on selling their property. Similarly, a buyer is benefitting because he can check out properties anywhere globally while sitting in the comfort of his home. It also helps the buyer to make a better and more informed decision.



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