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3 Tips On How To Choose Kitchen Countertops Wisely

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We live in a time when no one buys a real home to live in for the next thirty to forty years. Many houses are being redecorated approximately every three years, and their paint, furniture, or fixtures have changed due to the new trends and designs produced on the market. But there is one thing that has a great ability to stay untouched throughout the entire life of a family in the home, the countertops. The method of finding the right material for your kitchen countertops, whether living in Alexandria, Virginia,/Reston, Virginia, can be very complicated because there are several things to consider when purchasing it.

The key points of concern in selecting the right countertop material are as follows:

  • Potential resale value;
  • incorporation of style/color with potential decorative motifs;
  • Overall ease of care and maintenance;
  • material durability;

Here are some vital facts that need to be taken care of when selecting kitchen countertops, whether living in Alexandria, Virginia/Reston, Virginia, that will certainly support you in moments of panic.

  1. Take into Consideration their Contribution to your Home’s Resale Value

 Due to the fact that the average home buyer has been in the house for around 7–10 years, there is no space for generation and generation to retain the same old kitchen countertop but to change it as new owners come and live in it. The changes often occur as a caprice, but there is no interest in the house’s ideal style, even though a change in the design and appearance of the house could jeopardize its traditional value.

  1. Choose from the color palette of the material the one that can be modulated into various decorating motifs

 As mentioned earlier, trends in house decoration are growing year after year, and everybody wants to be in style. Changing your kitchen countertop every two years isn’t something you want to deal with, so you’d prefer to choose a colored material that allows your kitchen to be done with different designs. The paint must be neutral, and the countertop’s surface must appear to be neither too smooth nor too porous.

The best tones to be chosen are those of Earth due to their natural base colors that fit well with a wide variety of designs, meaning that you are not trapped in a certain design scheme. In view of this aspect, granite appears to be the right material to be chosen, even if the price may emerge unexpectedly.

  1. Maintenance Time vs. Price

 Depending on your lifestyle, cleaning and maintaining a germ-free kitchen can be a challenge even for hard-working people. Having a countertop made of a material that is non-porous and free of liquid stains is a must, particularly if you have children in your home, since bacteria can easily develop inside the texture of corrupted material and dangerous diseases such as foodborne, salmonella, or food poisoning.

The ratio started above, obviously, depends on the material from which the kitchen top is made. Granite slab countertops are a good example to note. Kitchen tops made of this kind of material need frequent sealing and can be costly to fix or replace when broken, but in return, the price of buying such countertops is very low, and it is worth doing business.

On the other side of the fence, there are quartz countertops, for which the time required to be allocated very minimally, and the countertop has many nice properties, such as resistance to liquid spills or high resilience when it comes to scratches, but the price needed to be spent in order to purchase such a fancy kitchen top is high.

In conclusion, there is only one big factor to remember: feeling secure and happy in your own home. It’s about time you’ve spent on your own well-being and the amount of money you’ve got to spend on your home. But don’t worry; there is a stable relationship between the price and the maintenance period of the kitchen floor; the higher the price, the lower the selling price of the countertops, and the higher the quality increases in most situations.


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