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10 Things to Keep On Your Checklist While Staging Your House

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When it comes to representing the house while putting it on the market, there are many things that you should consider many things while staging your house so that every buyer in town gets attracted to your house.

Every buyer in the market looks for a house that looks like the cover page of any interior design magazine. Buyers like to see a house where everything is well arranged in a presentable manner. An attractive, well-staged house invites a buyer to come for the showcasing or an open house.

The home staging process takes a lot more than one can imagine. There are a few things that you can keep on your checklist while staging your house. At the same time, there are home stagers that can make sure that your house is staged correctly.

But here are ten different things that you can keep on your checklist while staging your house to make sure everything is done perfectly.

The Exterior of the House Matters!

Your home staging process is not complete until you have made sure that your exterior looks as good as the house’s interiors. The exterior of the house is the face of the house. Ensure that your house has a well-maintained lawn with a beautifully painted mailbox. It is always a better idea to give the shutters a fresh coat of paint to make the house’s entranceway more attractive.

Depersonalize Your House Design!

When you are inviting people for the showcasing of your house, then you need to make sure that your house is free of your items; when a buyer looks for a house, they like to imagine themselves living in the house, and your style might come in the way of that. Many Home Stagers in the Bay Area make sure that the house is depersonalized for the showing.

Don’t Leave Your Walls Vacant!

While you make sure that all of your belongings are packed, try to make sure that the house’s walls are not left empty. Buyers would like to see a house with a homey vibe with some attractive paintings on the walls that can make them feel at home. You can also hang up wall hangings to make your house comfier.

Arrange Your Furniture In Groups!

Some people make the mistake of pushing all their furniture to the walls so that the room looks more spacious, which makes the room look more spacious and gives the impression of an unfurnished space, which is a red flag for the buyers. Instead of vacating the space from the middle, try to arrange your furniture in groups, which can help the buyers imagine themselves better in the space.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint Can Do Wonders!

One of the ways to make your house look more spacious is the use of paint on the house’s walls. A different coat of paint can make a massive difference to the rooms of your house, making your house look more spacious and refined.

Make Additions To Your House Lighting!

Lighting can make a massive difference to the showing of the house. A buyer will get attracted to a house where the lighting is good, so make sure that you open up the shades of the house or pull back the curtains to let the natural light enter the house. And for the artificial lighting, you need to make sure that you choose suitable floor lamps and ceiling lights for your house before the showing.

A Fresh Touch to the House!

While making sure that everything is organized and clean, try to make sure that you put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and replace the ancient doorknobs and facets from the house, so the house looks more polished when your buyers arrive for the showing. You can save a lot of money on expensive furnishing than just following this simple trick.

Organize Your Personal Belongings!

By making sure that your stuff is not lying here and there on the property during the showing, you can make the buyers pay more attention to your property. A buyer would be only interested in looking further into the house when they can see a house in a well-organized manner.


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