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10 Questions to Ask a Realtor When Buying Homes in California


Are you looking for homes for sale in California? Then this article is just for you. You must approach realtors with some questions when you hunt to buy property.

There is no harm in asking the best realtors in Bakersfield, CA, but you must know what type of answers to expect.

Here are ten questions that every buyer needs to ask a realtor while selecting a home for purchase or sale.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

You should not approach a realtor who has been in business for a few months. You should ask the one with years of experience to help you find luxury homes for sale in Bakersfield in California or commercial properties.

Choosing a real estate broker who has a good track record and understands the local market well is essential. The more experienced a realtor is, the better they can handle property sell, buy transactions and protect your interests as a buyer.

How Many Years Have You Been Practicing In This Area?

You should ask how long a realtor has practiced in the local market. The more years a realtor has spent in this business, the better he understands buying and selling property culture.

An experienced real estate broker can handle different buyers and sellers with an understanding.

How Can I Expect Attention To My Needs?

It is an essential question that first-time buyers must ask a real estate broker. Different people have different needs and expectations from a realtor. First-time buyers may need more guidance and advice, while experienced or professional home buyers can be hands-on when buying property.

Therefore, you should know how a top-rated real estate broker in Bakersfield, CA, is going to serve you during the process of buying homes in California.

Share Their Selling And Buying Strategies

It is another crucial question you need to ask a realtor while purchasing the property. There are different strategies and techniques that a realtor uses to sell or purchase homes in California.

First-time buyers may like a hands-on approach from the real estate broker, whereas experienced home buyers can be more interested in strategies to buy or sell properties. So, the realtor you approach must share his selling and buying strategies with you.

Are You Affiliated With Any National Companies?

You should ask this question if you look for homes for sale in California. First-time buyers need to ensure that they are not paying commissions/fees to multiple agents.

You should approach a real estate broker affiliated with only one company so that the transaction goes smoothly.

How Do You Plan To List My Property?

A realtor may use various marketing techniques to sell homes in California. Therefore, before choosing a real estate broker, you need to ensure that he will use the best and effective marketing strategies to sell or purchase the property.

You can also ask a top-rated real estate broker in Bakersfield, CA, how many ways they use to list a home.

How Frequently Will They Update On The Progress Of My Sale?

A real estate broker must keep his clients updated about the process of selling a home in California. You should ask how frequently a realtor will update you about the process and progress of your sale.

How Can I Expect Full Service From You?

You must find out from a real estate broker how many services they will offer you as a client. A good realtor always offers his clients full support and never leaves them during difficult times.

Newcomers may need a realtor who will guide them a lot, while experienced buyers can be okay with less guidance.

What Properties do You Specialize In Selling?

You should ask this question before making an appointment for house hunting. Different realtors focus on selling different types of properties.

While some real estate agents focus on selling homes, others may prefer to sell commercial properties.

Are You Representing Both The Buyer And Seller?

You should ask this question if you look for homes for sale in California. You should never pay commissions or fees to a realtor who will represent only one part of a transaction.

A real estate broker must represent the best interest of his clients, and that’s why he should look after both the buyer and seller during a sale.


As you know, there are many realtors out there who claim to be the best at selling or purchasing homes.

However, all of them can’t meet your expectations and needs. You should research before choosing a realtor for buying property, especially in California.


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